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What does CMS based development mean? CMS stands for Content Management System that is helping to create a range of websites with lots of benefits. With the advancement of CMS, static websites written in HTML are no longer a favourite tool among the website owners. Content Management Systems (CMS) is based on database and hence, it’s now easy to make highly effective dynamic websites.
Advantages of CMS based development
  • Quick and effortless creation of dynamic websites with loads of features
  • Content rich websites are now easy to create
  • User-friendly websites are a reality
  • SEO friendly websites are easy with CMS
  • Custom websites are easy to create
  • CMS Integration will enhance the worth of the existing website
  With CMS based development, it’s easy to get dynamic web pages that are created immediately as per the need. With proper coding and programming, it’s easy to take advantage of database for creating dynamic websites. CMS based development is used to create websites where constant update is needed. A growing number of owners where content update is a norm are using CMS based websites to give a new meaning to their business.  
Why a business should prefer CMS over Static Pages?
  • CMS based websites would be fairly easy to update and manage
  • The owners now can change the content by own, no need t hire coders for that
  • No need of software to update content or manage the website
  • Less time would be consumed and only a single change would be enough
  • Very less maintenance cost as anyone can manage from the backend
  • Low percentage of errors would be there for changes on websites etc
  • Easy to add additional content-rich pages anytime as per the need
  • Easily manageable websites are a reality now
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